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Professional development for staff & parent information sessions

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NSSI policy development, review, implementation & support

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I cannot recommend Madeline enough.  Not only was her workshop engaging and informative, but she was also able to tailor content specific to the uniqueness that is the boarding environment. 

We would welcome Madeline back to our school at any time and are so appreciative of the important work she is doing in the NSSI space. 

Jennifer Johnson-Saul
School Counsellor
Toowoomba Grammar School

Thank you so much for your insightful presentation today. It was extremely engaging and the content incredibly useful

Tracey Burnett
School Psychologist
Nazareth College

Sarah Pearson
Provisional Psychologist

anonymous feedback provided by a
YSAS Youth Worker

I highly recommend Madeline's workshops and presentations. Madeline provided my colleagues and me with excellent practical resources, and the relevant research outcomes, to be competent and confident in managing NSSI in schools. Madeline is a highly informative and engaging presenter

Rozalia Hecht

​Psychologist, MAPS

Thank you for a wonderful workshop on non-suicidal self-injury; a difficult and at times very confronting topic.  It has been a long time since I attended such a practical workshop and I appreciate your generosity in sharing all your resources.  It’s always great to walk away from a workshop with some new tools I can use in my work with teenagers.  Thank you for your time, knowledge and insight

Christie Khoury

 Psychologist, Secondary Department, Maronite College of the Holy Family 

Amazing, passionate & interesting training, informative, knowledgeable - I would recommend to everyone!

Thank you so much for the great PD...Your information and resources are incredibly helpful, of such a high standard, relevant and useful to us here at Heathdale. The PD was engaging all day. I usually struggle to keep at a very high level of attention for such a long time but in your presentation I was hesitating to go to the loo!

Linda Timmermans
Chaplain for Students 
Heathdale Christian College

It was one of the most outstanding PDs I have attended. It was so relevant, practical, funny & inspiring. Thank you for so freely sharing your resources & insights.

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