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Education & Training for Staff &/or Parents

Madeline is an accomplished educator & engaging presenter in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI). She has educated adults on NSSI across the mental health, community, medical, and educational sectors, developing and delivering workshops to parents, tertiary students, psychologists, counsellors, school counsellors, teachers, student welfare coordinators, directors of pastoral care, chaplains, doctors, nurses, child protection workers, youth workers, same sex attracted youth workers, drug education officers, and AOD workers.

What Madeline can offer: 

She can tailor a professional development package or parent information session to suit the unique training needs of your school or organisation. Ranging from a concise 30 minute overview of NSSI to a comprehensive full day interactive workshop. Madeline will address the fundamental aspects of NSSI given the available timeframe.


Some of the topics that may be included in your individualised training package or information session include:

  • What is NSSI?

  • Developing a theoretical understanding of NSSI

  • Prevalence rates of NSSI 

  • Methods of NSSI

  • Young people at risk

  • Differentiating NSSI from suicidal thoughts & behaviours

  • Why do people self-injure?

  • The functions of NSSI

  • How to recognise NSSI

  • What do I do now?

  • Harm minimisation 

  • Managing & containing NSSI in the school environment

  • Contagion effects in schools

  • Writing a written protocol for NSSI

  • Working with young people who self-injure

  • Developing alternative coping strategies

  • Therapeutic concerns that may arise

  • My Coping Kit  

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